Mr. Know as will know is always first to fuss

He always knows what to know even if you know

He does not care how to know but he knows anyway

Many a time he shouts and screams, it’s quite a clumsy show

He bumps and pokes all types of folks just to see some rouge

” So fickle!” he yells

“Oh Brittle.” he groans

forgetting he lives in a shell



Art by: Alberto Parrón

35 Art Studio

No. 162, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road

Daan District, 106, Taipei City, Taiwán

+886 908880635

instagram: @35artstudio

Follow this influential artist who wears many hats from graffiti to tattoo and even traditional Chinese calligraphy art, he has done it all! With his awareness of culture through his many travels, Alberto’s art grabs the attention of passersby from all walks of life.

Poetry by: Dsplashzone

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