She sits me down and holds my hands. It’s time for our rehearsal.
The date is near, not sure when or where, but the costume and set is all prepped.
I imagined her words to me would be,
“When you see me stare yet nothing is there, just know that the time is near. Get into position behind
the scenes. When I call out, “Mother I am here”, just know that the time is near. On set, you have to
carry me, my dearest.
Now when on set, lights, audience, flowers; check.
Carry me high, don’t look down! Looks horrible, makes you have those weary frowns!
As you set me down, take note hun. It is your final move! I want you to smile like never before, as others
would be moved with tears. Send me a rose with your last kiss. Then it would end with me resting my
With all these thoughts dancing through my head, she said instead
“The finale never goes as mapped out. The best I can say, and what we will do today, is smile it out.
Today, tomorrow, until my no tomorrow.”

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