Pressure of going with the flow

Pressure of always being the happy one so no one would know

Pressure of always making it seem okay

Pressure of not letting go, telling yourself there must be a way

A way to find what your heart longs for

A way to genuinely be happy, pretending no more

A way to feel that there is someone who deserves the real you

A way to love so deep and be loved too


Hope in someday you’d find the one

Hope in a happy ending once it’s done

Hope in something to hold on to and fight for

Hope in anything that made you feel sure

The universe was always on my side

Told me don’t give up until the time is right

Then it was you

You who came into my life when I least expected

You who showed me that you’re everything I ever wanted

You who gave me everything I had hoped for

You who took away the pressure, showed me the way and more

I vowed to do anything I had to do

Anything for me to have you

Anything to make you see

There’s no one more perfect for me

I had never felt this way before

I once thought I knew love but I was never this sure

You had accepted me, all of me

Time passed and you only loved me unconditionally I had it.

All of it.

Everything I wanted I vowed to keep it till the very end


Life got a hold of me

It’s the only explanation I can see

Cause there’s no reason why I’d give all this up

There’s no reason why I’d want all this happiness to stop

I fucked up

Poetry by the gifted Kish

Art by D’splashzone

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